Relationship Psychology - Do Arguments Affect More Men Than Women?

Published: 22nd April 2009
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When trying to overcome arguments in a relationship, psychology is extremely helpful because it helps us to understand why partners react differently in arguments. If you are in a relationship or in a marriage there will definitely appear conflicts once in a while. Things can get worse if the partners' way of dealing the argument in not the appropriate one. Many marriages have searched for marriage counselor help and even those who are in a dating period seek for relationship advice. Counseling will surely help you to understand the partner's way of thinking and realize thingsyou didn't know before.

A study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health showed that most relationships that have lasted only a couple of months between the age of 18 and 21 had avoided intimacy and kept their independence throughout their relationship. Still, the results also revealed facts related to anxiety and the fear of getting rejected. The ones tested exhibited different levels of anxiety in connection with being abandoned. Those partners with lower levels were more confident in themselves while the others reacted differently - had a higher level of anxiety when confronted with abandonment.

During this testing, was really interesting to observe and' differentiate the results of men compared to women. Those working in the relationship psychology field used these subjects and found that when it comes to psychological reaction men are more easily noticeable than women. Their reactions showed increased anxiety for many of them while only those women who are more avoidant showed real changes.

It has been showed that women are more likely to keep the conversation going rather than solve the conflict of the relationship. In this case, psychology shows them how to become the active ones in order to resolve the argument. While before and during the argument women had an increased level of cortisol, this situation changed significantly. They proved that by getting the confrontation over more rapidly they were more psychologically satisfied.

As for men, they seemed to be more passive when it comes to resolve the argument. Even if there was evidence that they wanted to solve the conflict too, they weren't so anxious to confront the situation. Those men whose female partner was more secure showed a lower level of anxiety. Surprisingly, women did not seem to change their level of anxiety no matter the male counterpart confidence.

When you are looking for relationship advice, whether you go to a psychologist or family therapy, the first thing will be to understand in what way men and women are different. The study mentioned above and its results will help you to understand better the way in which women and men react in a relationship. No matter the problem, psychology and psychological research is really helpful when it comes to handling a conflict.

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